What to Expect in the Emergency Room at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center

1. Assessing your pet’s condition

Our staff will first assess your pet’s health to determine the urgency of their illness. Then, depending on the severity of their condition, your pet will stay with you to wait to see a doctor or they will be taken to the treatment area right away.

2. Your wait time

It is important to note that wait times can vary in an emergency clinic, and can depend on many factors. We may be able to give you an approximate wait time, but this is just an estimate. Wait times can vary depending on your pet’s needs and those of other patients. Patients are seen in the order of the severity of their condition, and sometimes the ongoing care of the hospitalized animals has to take precedence as well. We know you would want us to extend the same courtesy to your pet!

3. If your pet requires hospitalization

Once in the treatment area, our team will discuss your pet’s condition and the possible treatment options with you.

If your pet needs to be hospitalized, we want you to know that you can contact us at any time. We want to keep you in the loop and answer any questions you may have!

When it is time for your pet to go home, the doctor will prepare discharge instructions for you to follow so that you’ll know how to take care of your pet. If the doctor has prescribed medicine, we may be able to fill the prescriptions in-house, or we can tell you where you can get them filled.

Emergency Visit
Facts & Questions

Can I visit my pet in the hospital?

Yes. Please let us know ahead of time when you want to visit your pet, so we can prepare an area away from the other animals, if possible, for your visit.

Who are the different team members we may interact with?

You may interact with the front desk staff, veterinary assistants, certified veterinary technicians, emergency doctors, specialty doctors, and administrative staff. You can rest assured that no matter who you speak with, they can answer your question or address your issue, or they can find someone who can.

If I have an urgent question who can I ask?

The front desk staff is your best resource for answering your questions or finding someone who can. If you are here overnight, dial 180 on the lobby phone to speak with a staff member.

Why does SOVSC require payment upfront?

We request payments upfront in order to cover the operating costs of being a hospital that is open 24/7 to pets. Our costs can be higher than those found at your family veterinarian, but please keep in mind that we need to cover the operating costs of being open all day, everyday, in order to treat emergencies.

What is your fee structure?

We strive to be transparent about our fee structure and will update you on any costs that weren’t originally anticipated. No matter the situation, SOVSC provides the best possible options to ensure the best care for your pet.