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Our History

Serving the Southern Oregon and Northern California region since 2004, the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center (SOVSC) provides advanced specialized veterinary care and 24-hour emergency services. We also operate a daytime Urgent Care adjacent to our primary facility. Both are supported by our compassionate teams of highly trained, dedicated, and skilled doctors, certified technicians, and, support staff!

Our Purpose

At the center of our operation is a deep respect and appreciation for the human-animal bond. We deeply value the relationship between our patients and their families. That is why our primary mission is to help families understand their patients’ medical needs and guide them toward the best possible outcomes.

Our Services

Our Process

We understand that medical uncertainty is confusing and stressful for worried parents. We work hard to provide rapid assessment and specific treatment strategies for families in need. Patients are prioritized based on the severity of their condition. While we make every effort to keep things moving quickly for all, patients with non-life-threatening injuries may experience wait times while we tend to those with more time-dependent needs. All pets will be triaged when they first arrive to determine their priority status. Once our veterinarian is able to perform a full exam, they will meet with the family to discuss treatment options. Following that discussion, our administrative staff will provide a detailed financial estimation to allow each family to make fully informed decisions.

If you have been referred to one of our specialty departments, we will work with you and your primary veterinary hospital to obtain copies of your pet's medical records. After examining your pet, the specialist will discuss a medical plan with you. A written report of your pet's medical findings, including any procedures performed, will be provided for patients and sent to your veterinarian at the conclusion of your appointment.
We appreciate the opportunity to support the community, our local veterinary practices, and the pets of the Rogue Valley and beyond. Thank you.