Our Doctors

Our Specialty VeterinariansRory Applegate, DVM, DipACVIM Internal Medicine Learn MoreKimberly B. Winters, DVM, DipACVIM Internal Medicine Learn MoreRussell W. Fugazzi, DVM, DipACVS Surgery Learn MoreOur Emergency VeterinariansWe are proud to have on our team more than 15 emergency veterinarians with decades of experience in complex emergency veterinary medicine.

What to Expect

EMERGENCY PATIENTS Emergency cases are received 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and on holidays, on a walk-in basis or with a phone call just prior to your arrival. Upon arrival, our team will make an initial assessment of your patient to determine the basic next steps. Please note: Cases are treated based on severity. This means that from time to time … Read More