Dog Toys (Part Two) – Safety

We recently shared a story on Facebook about a tragic situation involving a rope toy. A pet parent was devastated after their dog shredded the toy, ingesting long pieces of it that ended up causing the dog to pass away. While this situation isn’t necessarily common, it is something that can happen. We wanted to provide some safety tips when … Read More

Dog Toys (Part One)

Did you know that many behavioral problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy? Not only do toys offer physical stimulation, they’re enriching for the mind! If your dog is digging, chewing on furniture, shoes, etc. the right toy might just be the ticket to a happy dog and a relaxed pet owner. There are different types … Read More


Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty CenterAlternate Emergency FacilitiesPet Emergency? We Can help.Get In TouchEmergency ServicesWe know emergencies happen, and we are here to help! If your pet has a medical emergency and your veterinarian is unavailable, please call ahead if possible so we can prepare for your pet’s arrival. You can reach us at (541) 282-7711. Learn MoreHere for you, 24/7We … Read More