Pet Health Insurance

Did you know that Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center takes pet health insurance? Many people do not even realize that such a thing exists! Just like the health insurance you have for yourself, it contributes to the payment of illness and accidents, and some plans cover preventative care as well. Even if you’re consistently taking your pets to your primary vet for their routine care checks and keeping them updated on their vaccines, things happen. Your pets can still get sick, and accidents, by nature, are unexpected and often require emergency care. Pet health insurance can make the cost a little less prohibitive.

So, should you consider pet health insurance? Like your own health insurance, you pay a monthly premium, and there are a variety of companies and health plan options to choose from.

What does pet insurance cover?

Most pet insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses. Some cover hereditary conditions, alternative therapies, behavioral issues, prescription foods, dental disease, and more. They also have the option of adding preventative care at a low additional monthly cost to get some reimbursement on wellness checks and flea and heartworm prevention. There are many different companies, offering different kinds of plans, so it’s important to do your research and decide, for yourself, what your priorities are and what works for your personal budget.

 How does pet insurance work?

  • Once you’ve chosen your policy, you will select your deductible and co-pay or reimbursement percentage options. You’ll normally be able to choose between an annual or per condition deductible and how much you pay of each claim. You will have the choice of a co-pay amount between 10% and 40% payable by you.
  • Should your pet fall ill or become injured, you can visit any licensed veterinarian for treatment. You will usually need to pay the whole veterinarian fee up front.
  • You can then submit a claim to your insurance company and will be reimbursed for treatment covered by your policy. Time for reimbursement varies but can be as soon as a few days.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Most insurers offer varying co-payment and deductible options, and the age and breed of your pet and where you live can also affect your monthly insurance premium costs, which is why it’s important to compare a range of insurers to find a policy which best suits your individual needs and budget.

This is a very brief explanation of pet health insurance, intended to inform you of its existence. If you would like to learn more, visit Not only does the site offer reviews on various companies, but they explain pet health insurance at a much deeper level.

It’s important to keep your pets healthy, but sometimes even the most well-cared for pets fall ill or have accidents. Don’t let the cost of care stand in the way of taking care of your fur-family, planning and preparation is key! Understanding and considering your options is the first step towards preparing for possible emergencies. If you do have an emergency, SOVSC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for you.