Veterinary Emergency Facilities

Veterinary Emergency Facilities

COVID Access Restrictions


Client Guide: Patient Visits & Euthanasia.


The Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center is a unique care facility for the many veterinary patients in our area. We are the primary emergency center for 150 miles in any direction. We care for all major traumas, life-threatening injuries, and illnesses. It is our core mission to save animals when seconds matter most.

COVID-19 and other seasonal illness threaten our facility in a very real sense. When staff are too sick to report for duty our ability to provide care is limited. If enough of our staff are sick at the same time, we would be forced to close our doors for an unlimited time while our team recovers.

As a result, we are not allowing any clients into our facility at this time. We know that you care for your pet with all your heart. We realize that you are just as scared as they are and that being together would make both of you more comfortable. We respect this sacred human animal bond. However, we are not able to risk the entire function of our facility. We wish it were not so, but we must put our safety and ability to remain open at the highest level of priority


  • Please remain in your vehicle and call us at (541) 282-7711
  • Please do not wait near our front doors.
  • When we visit you at your vehicle, please put on a mask and stay 6 feet away from our staff.
  • If you or any member of your family is sick with anything, please let us know so we can take precautions for our teams


  • Our bathrooms are closed to the public. There are no exceptions to this. You can find public restrooms at local gas stations.


  • Patient visitation is not allowed inside the building. If you must visit with your pet, we will be required to transport your pet to the outside areas of our building. This will require us to stop fluids, discontinue medications and therapies. It will consume extra staff and slow down the hospital operations for all clients. Please consider this before insisting on visitation.


  • If you are here for a euthanasia event, first we are very sorry you are experiencing this. We will do our best to make this process as comfortable as possible. Second, we need to insist that only two people enter the building. We will get all your paperwork and finances done first, so you can leave without any further interruption. While you are inside, we will need you to remain in the exam room with your mask(s) on at all times. Our bathrooms are unavailable.

If you see other people enter the building, be aware that they are likely saying goodbye to their beloved pet. Please respect this process.

We realize these restrictions are difficult and only worse given the seriousness of your pet’s visit. We all chose this career so we could help pets and their families, and it gives us no joy to add difficulty to anyone’s experience. That being said, we must protect our ability to remain open during these unprecedented times of contagious illness. We hope that you understand and respect this.