COVID 19 Updated policies

The Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center is a unique care facility for the many veterinary patients in our area. We are the primary emergency center for 150 miles in any direction. We care for all major traumas, life-threatening injuries, and illnesses. It is our core mission to save animals when seconds matter most. COVID-19 and other seasonal illness threaten our … Read More

Poison Prevention Week: Pet Edition (Part 2)

In 2019, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) received approximately 229,223 calls concerning pet exposures to potentially poisonous items. We’ve already shared the top ten most deadly things in and around your house but, unfortunately, there are many more dangers to watch out for! For Poison Prevention Week (March 15th– March 21st) we wanted to make it easier by … Read More

Poison Prevention Week (Part 1)

The third week in March is “National Poison Prevention Week”. We want to make sure that you don’t forget the furry family members as they are often the most vulnerable! It’s scary when a pet is suddenly ill, and when it comes to poisonous substances, those situations are usually avoidable. Being preventative now means not having to feel regret later! … Read More

Dog Toys (Part Two) – Safety

We recently shared a story on Facebook about a tragic situation involving a rope toy. A pet parent was devastated after their dog shredded the toy, ingesting long pieces of it that ended up causing the dog to pass away. While this situation isn’t necessarily common, it is something that can happen. We wanted to provide some safety tips when … Read More

Dog Toys (Part One)

Did you know that many behavioral problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy? Not only do toys offer physical stimulation, they’re enriching for the mind! If your dog is digging, chewing on furniture, shoes, etc. the right toy might just be the ticket to a happy dog and a relaxed pet owner. There are different types … Read More

Congratulations Dr. Rory Applegate!

Congratulations to Dr. Rory Applegate for passing her boards in Internal Medicine! She has joined the ranks of our other board-certified veterinarians at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center. But what does “board-certified” mean? A board-certified veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who, after veterinary school, completes an internship and a minimum of two to three additional years of intense training in … Read More

Safe Summers with Your Dog

Summer is a wonderful time of year! Long days, warm nights, fun road trips… and of course you want to take your best friend with you! Your dog is always ready for your next adventure. As fantastic as it is to have your pup with you all the time, there are many things you should consider during these hot months. … Read More

All Things “Tick”

Tick Season: Tick season can vary depending on where you live. Summer and fall are generally peak tick seasons in most places. Ticks like warmer climates and the Pacific Northwest is experiencing a surge this year with higher temperatures. Tick prevention is key, and should be maintained year-round, regardless of temperature to keep your dog safe whenever “tick season” starts. … Read More

The Danger of Spring

After so many months of winter, everyone loves Spring, including your pets! The rain that it brings is balanced by the warmer temperatures and sunny days. It’s exciting to lace up and grab the leash for your pup, but it’s important to be aware of some dangers lurking out there (inside too!). Every season has its pros and cons, and … Read More