Veterinary Internist

There can be a variety of different illnesses that can cause your beloved companion to feel under the weather. When this happens, it’s important that your pet receive knowledgeable and expert care.

At Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, our internal medicine doctors have had extensive training and years of education to provide your four-legged friend with the very best care! Internal medicine covers a wide range of complex problems that involve multiple body systems including gastrointestinal, respiratory, and complicated endocrine diseases, as well as cancer treatment and certain diseases involving organs such as liver, kidneys and the heart. Our highly trained specialists will work diligently to help your pet recover their good health.

If you’ve been referred to our specialty center by your primary care veterinarian for our specialized internal medicine services, rest easy knowing your pet will be well cared for by our internists. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have regarding your pet’s care!